The Center

The Gershon FinTech Center of the Hebrew University was founded by Prof. David (Dudi) Gershon in 2018 and is named after his parents Sima and Shlomo Gershon. Prof. Gershon is a 25 year veteran of the FinTech industry. He started his career on Wall Street, managed the currency options business for Barclays in the City of London and in 1999 while living in London started SuperDerivatives, one of the most influential FinTech companies in the financial derivatives sector and the first company ever that provided financial technology and information over the internet. SuperDerivatives became one of the leading global data vendors and was acquired by InterContinental Exchange in 2014. After Selling the company Prof. Gershon engaged in his new mission to assist FinTech companies in growing their business and the FinTech industry to reach a larger scale.

The Gershon Fintech Center, situated in the academia, is aimed to create an ecosystem for the FinTech industry in Israel, including FinTech startups, entrepreneurs, financial institutions and investors.

As a not for profit organization The Gershon Fintech Center promotes entrepreneurship, advanced technologies such as machine learning and big data technology and analytics, strategic thinking, marketing and go to market methodologies.

The center aims to make the connection between startup companies and companies that seek their technology. It also offers a mentorship plan to make the connection between entrepreneurs and industry experienced mentors.