The mission of The Gershon FinTech Center is primarily to help the FinTech industry and startup companies boost their growth.

The Gershon Fintech Center is aimed to create an ecosystem between the FinTech industry in Israel, financial institutions and the Academia. It promotes entrepreneurship, advanced technologies such as machine learning and big data analytics, strategic thinking, marketing and go to market methodologies.

The Center makes the connection between startup companies and companies that seek their technology. It also offers a mentoring program whereby founders can get mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and advice from academia experts.

The Center encourages companies to sponsor research and algorithm development to academic experts and provide anonymous data for research purposes in the Academia. It will also promote a FinTech MBA program at the School of Business Administration.

The FinTech center is planning to open an accelerator for beta stage companies in order to support a selective group of startups.