1. Israeli Fintech Showcase

An event in which six promising Israeli startups introduced themselves. The speakers are co-founders or senior executives.


Prof. David Gershon, the Gershon Fintech Center founder


Mr. Dudu Mimran, CTO of Telecom Innovation Laboratories Israel,
entrepreneur and the moderator of the event

Lecture 1

Company: Binah

Speaker: Alon Shem-Tov, VP International Sales

Lecture 2

Company: CallVU

Speaker: Ori Faran, Founder and CEO

Lecture 3

Company: Cortica

Speaker: Barak Matzkevich, VP BD

Lecture 4

Speaker: Mr. Haim Pinto, CTO of Hapoalim Bank

Lecture 5

Company: SparkBeyond

Speaker: Solomon Alkhasov, GM

Lecture 6

Company: Conversys

Speaker: Simon Rapoport, CTO, VP R&D

Lecture 7

Company: Speechmorphing

Speaker: Meir Friedlander, EVP BD