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Fintech MBA Program 2021-2022 (Eng)

Fintech MBA Program 2021-2022 (Heb)

Special Course in Fintech with a few lectures that are open to the public:

Entrepreneurship in FinTech

Instructor:  Professor David Gershon

Course description

Entrepreneurship in FinTech is a “real world” course in creating and managing successful companies in the financial information and technology sector. The course is given over one semester and is composed of frontal lectures and presentations by FinTech entrepreneurs, executives and experts. Part (A) is focused on how to create and manage companies with focus on aspects that require special attention. Several companies will demonstrate the influence of these aspects on their success. Part (B) is focused on learning from various companies’ experience.

Registration for the 2022 course starting on 9.3.2022