How to Raise Funds in 2022


How to raise funds in 2022



The Gershon Fintech Center

The Hebrew University Business School

is offering a new hybrid mini-course:


How to raise funds in 2022

By Jay Kalish


This mini-course will offer four sessions providing practical information and advice for early-stage entrepreneurs as they begin raising capital for their companies. The sessions will cover:

  1. Early-stage funding options: angels, venture capital funds, crowdfunding

  2. How to present your company: the basics in developing a successful investor pitch

  3. Understanding the term sheet

  4. Practicum: present your company and receive high-level feedback

Jay Kalish has served as general counsel and senior investor relations executive for a range of Israeli public and private companies, and also served as CEO of a technology incubator. As a founding legal partner at OurCrowd, Jay developed the company’s international legal structure and negotiated and closed many of OurCrowd’s venture investments. Jay currently serves as legal counsel to Amplio Learning, which offers a learning management platform for students with various learning challenges.


The course is open to the public.

There will be Four Lectures on Wednesday evenings, July 13 till August 3, at 17:30-19:00.