Lecture 3: Yuval Tal: Sales and Marketing Techniques from the Founder of Payoneer

"Fintech companies who touch the money tend to grow bigger than those who only service those who touch the money. Leadership within a niche have a huge premium."

Yuval Tal


Yuval Tal is the founder, President and board member of Payoneer, one of the most successful B2B cross-border payment platforms. Before founding Payoneer in 2005, Tal co-founded Borderfree (NASDAQ: BRDR), and was its CEO from 1999-2005. Borderfree is a provider of services that expedite cross-border ecommerce and payments for many large online and offline retailers.  Tal previously served as vice president of business development for RADWARE (NASDAQ: RDWR). He is a member of YPO and an angel investor in number of start-ups in the payment space, including ZooZ and TravelersBox.

Tal is a member of Harvard Business School plan for managers. Tal holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, with minor in business administration, from Tel Aviv University