Lecture 8: Nir Orren: Sales and Marketing Techniques from the Head of Business Sector at Facebook Israel

“Startup companies need to find their audience and tell them their story. There are three important components: Building trust, Simplicity and do it in a “sexy” way. Focus on people and solving their problems rather than about technology.”  

Nir Orren


Nir Orren is the Head of Business Sector at Facebook Israel. He joined Facebook Israel in 2015 to lead Facebook’s professional business sector and oversee a few of the fastest growing industries in Israel, including FinTech, Marketplaces and Aggregators. Nir has more than 15 years of experience with Digital Marketing, Media and Innovation. Prior to Facebook, Nir was VP Growth at eToro, the very successful Social Trading Network, and before that he held various senior marketing roles in leading digital native businesses such as Shaker, Metacafe, and 888.