Lecture 6: Ronen Assia: Sales and Marketing Techniques from the Cofounder of eToro

“Don’t’ be afraid to make dramatic changes in your product due to changes in the market. Embrace change but keep your big vision to reach the long-term success.”

Ronen Assia


Ronen Asia founded eToro – a world leading social trading and investment platform - together with Yoni Assia in 2007. The award-winning platform connects a community of 9 million users with expertise in investing in traditional asset classes like stocks, commodities, currencies and indices through to cryptocurrencies.

For more than 20 years, Ronen has been merging technology and design to create products that perform across multiple platforms. Prior to co-founding eToro, Ronen designed medical devices, household appliances, and desktop and web applications. Ronen oversees products and engineering at eToro. He holds a BA in Industrial Design from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and an MA in Product Design from the Royal College of Art in London.